If you’ve seen one rifle case, you’ve seen them all, right? When I was asked to review a rifle case from Grey Ghost Gear, I had mixed emotions. First, I was happy to see what GGG had to offer because I’ve never utilized their gear. And I was interested in what they had to offer and what their quality was like. Secondly, I was thinking, what am I supposed to say about a rifle case? All it has to do is hold a rifle. But once  got my hands on this case, I realized it was a little different. Different in its simplicity. Different in its sleek low-vis design.

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case

I received a grey colored case. Or is it gray? I never know which grey/gray to use. Anyhow, Grey Ghost Gear sent me a grey rifle case. This is the new tweener color. Between the all out tactical coyote/multicam and the basic blend of caffeinated black. Besides, being the grey man is all the rage these days. It’s a term for blending into an urban environment. Wearing clothes and shoes that don’t stand out. And carrying a low-vis bag that isn’t laden with MOLLE webbing, velcro and a copy of your DD-214 in patch format. Aside from a small 8×3 velcro panel on the outside, the rifle case from Grey Ghost Gear remains fairly benign. A padded shoulder strap and a reinforced carry handle is all that you’ll see on the exterior.

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case
durable shoulder strap hardware

Once you pull the two main zippers open, a sea of soft velcro awaits. Allowing unlimited configurations for transporting a rifle, pistol, mags, spotting scope, etc. The Rifle Case includes three velcro panels with a 1″ strap loops attached. Along with a pair of basic velcro straps. The strap loops are perfect for securing a rifle less than 38″ long. Or the upper and lower receivers of a long gun. The basic straps can secure a pistol or any other small accessory. I use them for either a pistol or my rifle sling. The inside of the main flap contains two large zippered mesh pockets. Pockets you can fill with AR mags, a cleaning kit or any small items that you don’t want clanking around inside.

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case specs courtesy of greyghostgear.com

  • Dimensions: 38″ x 11″ x 4″
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Gray or Grey
  • 8″ x 3″ Loop field for attaching ID patches
  • Two 16″ x 8″ zippered mesh interior pockets
  • MSRP $129

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a solid, well built rifle case that won’t break the bank or stand out in a crowd, this example from GGG will not disappoint. It’s kind of a no-frills rifle case with the ability to attach whatever accessory pouches you want to customize the loadout. Check it out here at greyghostgear.com.