The Slide, Improved by GGP

I like Glock pistols and I like red dot sights. Optic sights on your combat gun allow for faster target transition, a wider field of view with both eyes open, quicker sight acquisition of your target, improved accuracy at close and long distances, and allow you to stay target focused. With that being said, I’m not in love with the Glock MOS (Modular Optic System) as the solution to mounting red dot sights on the Glock platform (see my general complaints later).

Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) recognized the existing market gap and a need to improve the way things were being done and introduced aftermarket milled slides.  GGP slides offered were great quality, but they had the same problem that sending your Glock slide in to have custom milled had; until they offered the V4 and their genius shim system for dual optic compatibility.

The Problem with Custom Milled Slides

Custom milled slides offer a superior mounting solution to red dot optics.  They are a much more robust mount when properly done.  The fitment of the optic to the slide is a press-fit where you essentially don’t even need the mounting screws for it to stay in place.  Add a little thread lock to the screws and mount it up for a locked-in tight fit that lets you use a quality optic as a handle just as much as a red dot. The red dot sight sits nice and low and allows a lower profile fit.

The problem with that milled sight is that you’re now locked-in to the optic you chose when you got it milled!

A custom milled slide is a great option but you will be locked into the footprint that you choose. No going back!

Some law enforcement agencies may not permit officers to have the pistols milled, as they “alter” the firearm.

The Problem with the MOS

The MOS is a great option for the weekend shooter that doesn’t need to rely on the optic for rough and tough treatment.

You can mount multiple brands of optics with the Glock provided plates. Installation is easy and it retains a stock condition that some police departments want.

Too high on the slide and only two screws holding the optic in-place

All that retains the optic onto the pistol with the MOS configuration is two tiny screws!  They do not do a great job of holding the optic onto the gun.  The time I’ve spent on the MOS mounting configuration resulted in a loose optic after firing a lot of rounds and doing a few brisk manipulations using the optic as a lever.

The other problem with the MOS configuration is the optic sits up high on the gun and sometimes even suppressor height sights are worthless (such as with the taller footprint Leopold Delta Point Pro.)

The Grey Ghost Precision Solution

Take the stock slide off your Glock, swipe the components from it or just purchase new ones for a minimal price, and install it on your new Version 4 Grey Ghost Precision slide.  If you’re mounting the Trijicon RMR or optic with compatible footprint, leave the additional shim on top of the slide in place and use the provided screws with a little threadlocker.  Press fit the optic on the slide and install the screws.  It’s that easy and it fits precisely as it should.

With the shim in place, the Trijicon is a press-fit installation. Use the GGP provided screws with thread locker.

If you’re using the popular Leupold Delta Point Pro (or other optic that uses Leupold’s footprint), remove the provided shim and press fit the optic to a precision fit.  Use your Grey Ghost Precision provided screws with a little thread lock installed and you’re in business.

Remove the shim and install the Leupold DPP with the provided screws and some thread locker

Grey Ghost Precision gives you options for mounting red dot sights and it’s much more robust than what you’d normally find.

This Grey Ghost Precision V4 Mount should be the GLOCK MOS standard!

Tighter Tolerances Equals Tighter Groups

The Grey Ghost Precision V4 slide is much more than just a good optics slide.  The slide is machined in-house out of 17-4 billet stainless steel and has tighter critical tolerances.

The GGP slide is Black Nitride Coated inside and out and comes with a custom G10 cover plate and proper screws for use without any optics installed.

The GGP V4 Slide looks great without an optic as well. It comes with a cover plate installed.

Add the GGP match grade barrel and you’ll really see things tighten up if you can avoid slapping the trigger.  I hope to be telling you more about the GGP, Glock 19 compatible, Match Grade Barrel later.

Microscale Texture

The GGP V4 slides feature a new slide design with a new texture – the Microscale Texture.  The Microscale Texture creates the ultimate strong frictional grip.  The design is functional, easy to manipulate from any angle, and is a wonderful example of end-user-focused engineering.

Microscale Texturing makes the slide a cinch to manipulate from any angle.

Grey Ghost Precision slides development was directly influenced by special forces, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and you – the end user in mind.

Grey Ghost Precision slides easily swap onto OEM & 80% frames.  I think one of the best built combinations is the GGP V4 slide placed onto the Nomad Defense, Nomad 9 frame, or one of the GGP Combat Pistol Frames!  Take having a custom pistol to a new level and start with the components you want from the get-go and build it your way.

I’ve been running the GGP V4 slide for a couple of months now and I love it.  I’ve got the XS Sights, DXT Night Sights on it for back-up sights and they work wonderfully.  (More about these sights later.) I ran the Trijicon on the slide first and loved how it sat low and tight in the slide.

I’ve just recently got my hands on the Leupold DPP and have to say, I was impressed with how after removing the shim and changing the screws, the DPP was just as good of a press fit as the Trijicon had been.  I’m also starting to enjoy the DPP optic which I hadn’t had any time in on before.

If you’ve been on the fence about building your own custom pistol with components – quit waiting and try out Grey Ghost Precision.  You can buy all the components directly from GGP to build your own custom pistol.