Apple pie, baseball, and a love for guns are about as American as it gets.  We’re all here because we love our guns and our country.  Why not outfit our guns with American-made parts?  GrovTec was born when another company moved production overseas.

Bob Grover had begun on that company’s machine floor and had advanced through the ranks.  Bob was tasked with visiting the overseas factory to oversee manufacturing transition.  While there he was unimpressed by the foreign-made quality and inspired to continue making parts and accessories that Americans could count on in America.  With that GrovTec was born.

Starting with just five employees in a 5,000 square-foot building in 2006, GrovTec now operates out of a 57,000 square-foot building with nearly 90 employees.  Behind the scenes, Grovtec provides OEM service for many of the popular brands you may already own.  Soft goods are cut and sewn in-house, and all GrovTec products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for life.  That means a set of sling swivels or mounts from GrovTec could quite possibly out-last the rifle you mount them on.

We all like to save a buck or two, and often times that means buying foreign-made products, but GrovTec’s prices are close enough that I don’t mind spending a little extra for a lifetime warranty and knowledge that my American rifle is built with American-made parts.  We are on LoadOutRoom because we are patriots and love the American way.  GrovTec provides a way to express that while filling our accessory needs.

GrovTec’s list of products continues to expand from the basic essentials to more specialized products.  Slings and swivels are a great example of an under-appreciated product.  Much like shoelaces, they aren’t the part we think about until they fail.  After spending good time and money setting up the right rifle build I know the last thing I want to have fail on me is the part that keeps the rifle secured, that’s why I chose GrovTec and their lifetime warranty.

Slings, swivels, adapters, studs, and mounts are all available, made here in America as they should be.  Take a look at GrovTec’s offerings on their website to learn more.