A high-end / high-tech compact tactical folding knife applicable for hard use utility, combat defense and international everyday carry.

All Guardian Tactical USA knives are manufactured in our state of the art facility by the best skilled machinists and assembly technicians in the industry. Employing our award winning critical tolerance testing verification and project completion process.” – Guardian Tactical

As a vagabond who erratically travels from country to country while always equipping an edged tool, it’s rare to find just the right one while abiding by the local laws.

The Exilis is just that knife with parameters that’s legally accepted broadly around the world for carry.

With a 2.9″ blade which is cleverly right under the widely prohibited 3″ length, it is not a small cutting instrument but just perfect for minimalistic or lightweight EDC.

Despite its size, the Guardian Tactical Exilis($) is a formidable tactical knife. Which means it can also be just as formidable in any other cutting task any other pocket knife should perform, but in most cases, better and faster.

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