A question I often get asked by my students is what type of sights should on my handgun. The answer to that question is it all depends on what the application of your handgun is. The classes I teach are all about surviving a dynamic situation that involves life and limb.  So that is what I am going to concentrate on here.

Gun Fighting with the Correct Sights

There are all sorts of fancy whiz-bang sight options on the market. Some of them will greatly enhance speed and accuracy. Most of the high-end sight packages are easily adjustable with screws and turrets. Yes these sights are nice when you’re shooting on a range or on the competition scene. However they do have some major downfalls when it comes to a dynamic environment where you are running into obstacles and fighting one or multiple assailants. The bottom line is most of these sight options when smacked against something can and will break.

The ones that are adjustable when smacked into a wall or dropped accidentally will lose their zero. Make no mistake if you find yourself in situations like the one described above those mishaps will happen. When you have to defend yourself and take down an assailant you will have to do it aggressively. That is the big problem with the adjustable and fiber optic sight options on the market.

I tell my students to run a basic sight like the one on a stock Glock. This type of sight is extremely rugged and it can be adjusted if you have the right tools. They can also be adjusted with rudimentary tools if you choose to do so. For example a rock and a leatherman. Don’t laugh I have done it before and it does work. I have been known to pull out some backwoods methods in the past. I am also a Marine and adapting and overcoming runs in the blood.

Gun Fighting with the Correct Sights

There is one more additional reason other than what I mentioned earlier that I prefer to run a basic sight option. This type of sight with a square shoulder makes it very easy to conduct a single-handed reload. I know we all like to think we aren’t going to be shot or injured in a confrontation but that is simply not always the case.

We as professional gunfighters, or CCW holders, need to have the mindset of survival and adapting to the dynamic violent conditions that we might find ourselves in. I’ve always said that if you play with snakes long enough you are going to get bit. It is important that we are prepared to the best of our abilities to succeed and overcome our enemy. To do that we must train for the worst-case scenario.

Gun Fighting with the Correct Sights

To do a one handed reload or malfunction drill you have to have the ability to clear and charge the weapon with one hand. You can do this type of function fairly easily and efficiently if you have a square shouldered rear sight. If you utilize the rear sight of your handgun correctly you can hook the sight on your belt, pocket or magazine holder. You can also utilize a desk or some other flat surface to charge the weapon. You would be hard pressed to do this type of maneuver with an adjustable or fiber optic sight without the risk of damage.

I hope this article gives you all something to chew on before you choose your next sight option for your gun-fighting handgun.