So this is odd to me. I’m reviewing something, but it’s not a product, but a service. Don’t get me wrong I still have something to show you, but this review is more about the service. I’ve been working with to produce a truly unique set of custom grips. Gun Grips is a service where they can create a highly customizable set of grips for your gun.

How Customizable?

The sky is really the limit. What do you want to toss on your grips? A logo like our resident Youtube Graham Bates?

What about a meme? That’s what I wanted and that’s what I got. Say what you want about us millennials, but at least we have a sense of humor. So I wanted this obscure internet reference on a set of gun grips. I sent a simple picture to and in a day I got back two visual renderings to show me what he could do.

Conrad, the owner of Gun Grips, needed to make a slight change to the initial photo I sent him. It was nothing more than dividing the text into two lines instead of one.

I was impressed by both, one was full color, and the other black on silver with laser etching. Seeing as how my Para Ordnance was stainless and black I figured there was really only one way I could go.

This particular set is black Alumagrips, checkered of course. These grips by themselves are fantastic, they are rock solid, well made and look great. The No Step On Snek is laser engraved and cannot chip, fade, or disappear from the grips.

Gun Grips can use wood or polymer as well, and this changes how the images are engraved. The total cost of these Alumagrips with the image was 85.00 and turn around time was supposed to be right around 10 days. I received the grips in 7 days. I was both surprised and impressed.

The grips look great, and bring a smile to my face on the daily. They produce grips for a variety of guns and their customer service was absolutely fantastic. If you want something unique for your gun give them a try.