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When a company known for its ARs enters the precision bolt gun realm, it is usually met with some skepticism. While semi-autos can be extremely accurate, the world of bolt guns is much more of an art form. But even with the new challenge, this is exactly what the great minds at Modern Outfitters have done—and done well. The company has hit a major home run in the precision world with its MR1 bolt-action rifle. This Texas-based company has made a move as big as the Lone Star State itself by bringing some innovative design features. This undeniably sexy-looking firearm shoots as well as it looks.

Killer Looks & Feel

Gun Review: Modern Outfitters’ MR1 Bolt-Action Rifle

At first glance, you know you are onto something special with the MR1’s custom Cerakote finish. While a majority of rifles enter a customer’s life as a black or tan blob of color, Modern Outfitters offers custom work right out of the box, and our test sample came with a special camo exterior.

When you first get your hands on this rifle, you’ll notice the mag-fed chassis is made of high-grade, lightweight aluminum. And like any solid precision rifle, Its folding stock is shooter-adjustable for comb height and length of pull. But that’s just the start.

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