Spotter Up writer/detective Aggro 84 can remember this story. 30 years ago we spent an hour walking up and down the warehouse district looking for our truck. After leaving a bar with Chuck D we couldn’t remember where we parked the thing. The warehouse district was a shady spot at night, because it had druggies, working class shops, but rent for nightclubs was cheap.  On a hot, summer night we ambled up and down darkened streets. We joked and laughed as we searched for our ride.

Half way into a story that Aggro was telling us, we spotted a man standing just feet from us in “runners” and a hoody leaning against a wall. I immediately felt like something was off.  A crowd of people began to pour out of a bar.

Seconds after we noticed him, he pulled out his gun and shot a man multiple times in the head. The crowd took off and so did we. He kept firing into the body as we turned and ran. We didn’t carry guns back then; getting a concealed carry weapon (CCW) wasn’t an easy thing to do for non law enforcement member at that time. We could either be good eyewitnesses or victims. We sprinted across the street from where the executioner was doing his deed and then observed him casually stroll in to the darkness and disappear.

Hours later the police would capture the gang member that murdered a rival gang member. I suppose I could have taken out my notepad and pen and jotted notes, or shined my flashlight on him. All jokes aside, one of the main purposes of everyday carry (EDC) is help you to be prepared and self-reliant by equipping you with tools to handle unexpected situations. I’m not going to speculate on what would have happened if one of us was carrying a pistol. All of us were drinking alcohol and it wouldn’t have been wise to intervene. Good EDC is supposed to give you foresight. Foresight means being able to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.

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