I make multiple trips to the range weekly and am often loaded down with several guns, magazines, cleaning equipment and other pertinent gear for shooting. Hackett Equipment has produced an EDC (every day carry) Range Backpack with a low key design for such an individual as myself. An all-black pack, simple logo and limited MOLLE help keep this design ideal for the covert carrier.  


While MOLLE can sometimes give away the community which a backpack is designed for, the simple design of this pack provides functionality without attracting too much attention. Someone may know that the carrier is of the tactical mindset, but it would surely not give away the fact they are carrying two pistols, four pistol mags, two rifle mags, a knife, a light, trauma kit, and everything else needed to unleash hell on a threat or a paper target. I also dig the urban style and large compartment space.

Unzip the main compartment and you’ll find two sides with a storage divider in the middle. The divider has a sleeve sewn into it which is capable of holding targets up to 11”X12”. One side of the sling has 2 holsters sewn into the pack which is capable of holding most handguns. I usually keep a full sized Glock 22 with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL weapon mounted light, and a Glock 43 with a TLR-6 mounted light. The holsters have an adjustable strap so they accommodate both large and small weapons with no issues. The other side of the main compartment has eight elastic bands which could be used for magazines, knives, flashlights etc.

Dive into the secondary compartment and you’ll find eight Velcro storage pouches which are large enough to carry boxes of ammo, trauma care equipment, or other items you use at the range. Lastly, you’ll find two zippered storage pockets at the front of the pack which has MOLLE tabs.


Comfort and Durability

I have thrown this pack in my truck while traveling to the range, on our SWAT vehicle during training and callouts, and on a short hike through mother nature. I’m not going to lie; it felt solid to have the contents of a small weapon safe at my disposal while in the woods, all of which were on my back, not locked in my vehicle and out of sight. The sling design offers quick access to the contents inside and the padded, quick release straps provide a comfortable ride.

The EDC Range Pack has proven durable and yet to show any stress points. It is made of 900D polyester material, you could argue that there are stronger materials on the market, but 900 D polyester is a fair choice. Also, Hackett Equipment offers a lifetime warranty covering any defects in material and workmanship under normal use. They will either repair the damaged pack or replace it all together. You can’t be mad at that.

Overall Impression

For a low key EDC range pack, Hackett Equipment has executed its vision. I would like to see other colors available as black is the only current option. Perhaps losing the MOLLE would also help sell the covert side of this pack. I personally don’t mind MOLLE, but on a backpack that is supposed to say “I’m not packing” MOLLE screams “I may be packing”. At the very least it screams tactical and shows a connection to the community. If one of the pockets on the front was admin style, that would be a nice touch. I often carry markers and pens to mark my targets, along with other small items, with me to the range.  Other than that I am pleased with the pack, and with the fair MSRP of $79.99.

Author – Sean Kennard is a Texas Law Enforcement Officer and serves as a SWAT Officer for his department. He is also the head defensive tactics instructor and holds various instructor certificates such as Krav Maga Force Division Instructor, FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor, Tactical Breaching Instructor and various others. Kennard holds an undefeated Mixed Martial Arts record and is a practitioner of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Olympic weightlifting. He is a fitness and adventure enthusiast and enjoys the great outdoors.