If you’re a regular follower on our Instagram feed or our blog in general, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen this backpack on me on more than one occasion.

This backpack has served me on all kinds of adventures, both domestic and abroad, on daily commute, school and many recreational outings throughout these years. It has been my go-to daily driver backpack for 4 years now and continues to be until I find something more adventurous for adventuring! So in the meantime I thought, I might as well do a full review on it and share my thoughts on the Haglöfs Backup 15.


To me, Haglöfs is a well esteemed outdoors brand, at least here in the Nordic countries, since the origins of the company go way back in Torsang, Sweden and the year 1914. A forester’s son Wiktor Haglöf designed and manufactured his first backpack for local forestry workers, and from there on, his business started growing. The company has become one of the largest suppliers of outdoor clothing, hardware and footwear in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia, and a member of the ASICS® family since 2010.

Haglöfs focuses a lot on sustainability, in every process of their manufacturing, which is more than respectable. Haglöfs is a member of bluesign® and the Fair Wear Foundation, setting and meeting stringent real-world goals of recycling and toxicity reduction, as well as fair labor practices.
You can read more on the Haglöfs story and their sustainability goals in HERE.

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