The Hailstorm has a generous magazine well.

It seems like around ever corner is a pistol-caliber carbine-type firearm using AR controls and Glock magazines.  This phenomena is for good reason.  Most gun owners are familiar with the AR platform and also own a Glock.  Even if you’re like me and not necessarily a Glock fan it’s hard to deny the reliability and availability of their magazines.  The abundant aftermarket for the AR platform also means there are plenty of options for customizing compatible firearms.

A plus for the consumer with the flood of PCCs is choice.  Lines are now starting to become clearer between the budget, common, and higher-end options.  Towards that upper end of the spectrum is Dark Storm Industries (DSI).  Fortified within enemy territory DSI does their manufacturing in New York.  This cry for freedom is not only producing instruments of freedom in New York, but also special models for the non-free folk in states like California and New York.  The model we have on loan is for the rest of us Wildlings, but if you live in occupied territory rest assured that DSI has something for you too.

Here are the build specifications taken directly from the product page on Dark Storm Industry’s site:

  • DS-9 Billet 7075 Aluminum Lower Receiver – Accepts Glock Magazines
  • DS-9 Billet 7075 Aluminum Upper Receiver w/ Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • DSI 9mm Bolt Carrier Group
  • DSI Billet Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  • DSI Ultralight Narrow Profile M-Lok 9″ Barrel Shroud
  • DSI 7.5″ 9mm Threaded 1:10 Nitrite Barrel
  • DSI Conical Muzzle Blast Deflector
  • 17 Round Magazine
  • CAA Stock Saddle Cheek Riser
  • Thordsen Ehnaced Buffer Tube Cover with QD Sling Sockets
  • Hogue Pistol Grip
  • Optic Ready (sights not included)
  • Trigger Lock
  • Weight: 3 lbs 14 oz (including mag)

That’s a lot of DSI’s own parts coming with the MSRP of $1095.  Just holding the Hailstorm inspires action.  I think we’re going to enjoy this one!