As a newly single man, I’ve been continually surprised by the fact women are incredibly impressed by my ability to cook. I thought it was an old joke, something from a cheesy rom-com, but the truth remains I’ve found the ability to cook directly relates to your attractiveness level. When cooking for a young lady part of the draw is your skill when it comes to preparation. Cutting, seasoning, prepping the grill, and more is all part of the experience, and you are only as good as your tools. If you are only as good as your tools, then you can be very good when wielding the Half-Face Blades Chef Blade.

A high-quality chef’s knife is an absolute must-have. Not just for the sake of having it, but for your overall safety. A high-quality blade is made evenly, is extremely balanced, and the blade is equal throughout its entire edge. This is for your standard nice cutting quality, but its also for safety purposes. These knives chew through meat, and you are made of meat. A lower quality knife doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t chew through you. The higher quality the knife, the better the cut, and the safer the knife is overall. Same thing with bits and endmills, if they are sharp they are less likely to jump and hurt you. In this case, you ruining your hand, not an 80 lower jig

Half Face Blades Chef Blade – Specs

  • Length – 12.75 inches overall
  • Blade length – 8 inches
  • Thickness – .09 inches
  • Steel – S35VN American

The Half Face Blades Chef Blade is an incredibly well-made knife. It looks amazing, it feels amazing, is very easy to use. The Chef Blade sports a matte black cerakote blade that does look a bit more grey than black. The handle is a curly maple burl wood, It’s smooth, long, and fills the hand very well. All around the Half-Face Blades Chef Blade is very well made and very attractive to the eye.


In Use

The Chef Blade allows for an easy pinch grip and a comfortable one. The handle is nice and long for leverage when it’s needed. The Half Face Blades Chef Blade features a strong rock work spine that’s concaved into the blade and allows for an easy palm press for more heavy cuts.

The S35VN steel is very strong and resistant to chipping and breaking. The steel can also become very, very sharp. It does seem to hold an edge very well, but I do sharpen my Chef knives prior to every use. This isn’t the type of knife you torture test, but if I did I’d be willing to bet it can take a beating.

The Chef Blade absolutely slices through meat, vegetables, and more. There is no better feeling than the one you get from a blade gliding through the meat. When it’s properly sharpened the Chef Blade hardly needs any pressure to slice through chicken, steak or pork. It literally glides through these different meats like a hot knife through butter.

The handle’s length allows for proper leverage on harder cuts and ensures you have a solid and safe grip. From end to end the blade screams quality. It handles like a dream and the blade itself is strong, sharp, and best of all agile. You’ll be well-served with a handful of the Half-Face Blades Chef Blade.