Guerrilla Approach says that handgun grip is why you’re missing, but the cookbook format for learning won’t solve your accuracy issues.

Link to the free Consistency target used in Guerrila Approach Pistol classes HERE.

Shot from left to right, top to bottom, reload as necessary. Par time: 25-seconds.

About Aaron Barruga, Founder of Guerrilla Approach, in his own words:

A Guerrilla’s Approach is the ability to do more with less. Lacking resources, but through an adaptive mindset, determination, and grit, Guerrillas are capable of performing spectacular feats against impossible odds.

American Special Operations Forces are doctrinally trained as America’s Guerrillas and tip of the spear shock troops. Our Training adapts their lessons learned for application among law enforcement and everyday Americans.

I joined the military because of 9/11 and served as a Green Beret in the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Group. Whether leading militia fighters in Afghanistan, conducting raids with Iraqi SWAT officers, or training foreign commandos in Asia, I learned an incontestable truth about war: everything comes down to brilliance in the basics.

In Special Forces, I saw a lot of what is done right operationally and in training. However, I also saw a lot of what is done wrong. My training material represents the sum total of both my successes and a failures, and I program those lessons learned into classes that build more resilient first responders, and more capable self-reliant Americans.

Our training rewards serious shooters, and all material is always crosschecked by the following beliefs.

  • Lead by doing
  • There are no shortcuts, no secret methods, only flawless execution of the fundamentals
  • Some range training only prepares shooters to fight at the range
  • Invest in others, so that they can lend you a hand when you need it the most


*Photo courtesy of DVIDS