Before I go out the door, I like to know where I’m going. When people travel, some like surprises, such as discovering a shopping district or restaurant. but no one likes surprises that are in the form of a disaster. When I travel locally, like on my mountain bike for a ride in the foothills, it doesn’t mean I travel blindly. I want to have fun and for me that means minimizing discomfort when a disaster happens.

At a minimum, I always keep a first aid kit, water and a map on me just in case we get lost and need help.

If I travel abroad I’m as prepared as I can be.  I can adjust if my travel bag went missing at the airport or I got a stomach ache from eating street food. Improvising comes naturally for people, I mean, what else can we do if we get stuck? But I’m always looking for the most sensible solution. What about being in a significant disaster?  Who can really prepare for that? No one can be truly prepared but I owe it to myself and my family to not be completely in the dark.

Do we have a surface street route if the highways are closed?

Do we have an off-road route if the roads are closed?

Do we have a walking route planned if driving is impossible?

Do we have link-up points with other family members?

Do we have a relationship with our neighbors beyond the ‘hello’ greeting?

Will our neighbors check the safety of our homes if we can’t get back?

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