HAPPY 4th of JULY!!! Everyone be safe out there and remember why we celebrate this special day.

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PLAYLIST: http://j.mp/gunplaylist

Shooting Captain America’s shield: http://j.mp/BulletProofShield

F-1 Firearms Skeletonized AR15: http://j.mp/F1SkeletonAR

Nintendo Zapper Glock: http://j.mp/ZapperGlock

Suppressed SAW M249S: http://j.mp/SAWM249S

Top 5 Favrotie guns: http://j.mp/Top5Favorite

AR-15 Gatling Gun: http://j.mp/gatcrank

MPX FULL AUTO: http://j.mp/SIGMPX9

SCAR 16: http://j.mp/SCAR16L

Benelli M1014: http://j.mp/benellim4

Dual Glock rapid fire: http://j.mp/dualglock

H&K 770: http://j.mp/HK770

Glock 19 First Impression

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No-Handed shooter: http://j.mp/nohandedshooter

Star Wars DL-44 blaster: http://j.mp/DL44BLASTER

H&K91: http://j.mp/gunplaylist

S&W 5906: http://j.mp/SW5906

Beretta ARX: http://j.mp/ARX100rifle

M1 Carbines: http://j.mp/M1Carbine