Hard Charger by Devil Dog Concepts makes converting your mil-spec, forged AR upper into a side-charger easy!  The intuitive system mounts on the forward-most section of rail on your upper receiver and replaces your existing charging handle.  The Hard Charger provides a left-side solution to cramped fumbling under an optic.  Side charging permits you to simply reach up and rack the rifle with the support hand.  Additionally, side-charging eliminates the need to move your entire head away from the rifle as with a conventional charging system.

Conversion is non permanent, and can easily be swapped from rifle to rifle.  The Hard Charger threatens to effectively replace expensive side-charging uppers.  Cost is lower, and removing or moving the system from rifle to rifle takes only minutes.

On the horizon by Devil Dog Concepts are two other versions: The Hard Charger Rear which mounts to the rearmost rail slot and the Hard Charger Tactical which mounts in the third slot to permit use of optics and back-up sights.

If you’ve ever envied an MP-5, Ak-47, G-3, or other fine European military rifle, but not wanted to give up your AR-15 the Hard Charger might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.  See it in action in the video below.




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