High cut helmets have been the trend for some time now. The functionality when running communications equipment is a given, and the weight reduction due to the lower profile is a huge plus. The problem with many of the more infamous manufacturers of high cut-style helmets is that they are very expensive. This may or may not present an issue based on your organization’s funding, or if you are buying it personally. Regardless, Hard Head Veterans was able to mitigate the high costs associated with many reputable brands and bring you a ballistic helmet that is as cost effective as it is reliable. Recently, I was able to O.C. some training in the great backwoods of Ft. Bragg, NC. Primarily, going over basic battle drills and assaults, (think react to contact, squad attack, etc.) Basics are key, and throughout that time I was able to put the HHV Gen 2 Ballistic Helmet through its paces and identify what I like, and some of what I don’t. I decided to do a comparison of the HHV, Ops Core Maritime, and the standard MICH helmet, all of which I have a good amount of time under.

AuthorTim M.