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1. Don’t blame others for your fuck ups ( ex.- the mortgage situation)

2. Take responsibility for your actions. ( ex. – blaming the “system”, blaming your mommy cause she didn’t hug you enough, playing the race card)

3. Get off the couch and stop playing video games you fat fuck! How about go and do it for real.

4. Please don’t offer advice on war or foreign policy if you’ve never been there, done that. ( ex.- President & VP, Any Hollywood actor, any Vietnam era draft dodging pussy (Bill Clinton).

5. Buy a fuckin gun and learn to use it correctly. Why do you think it’s the Second Admendment? Maybe because the founders of this nation thought it important?

6. You have canine teeth for slicing meat, so eat it.

7. Ride a chopper, listen to metal – No explanation needed.

8. Please don’t tell a military person how you would- “go over there and kill some bad guys”. The 4 services are still taking volunteers. Man the fuck up. Also, please don’t give lame excuses as to why you didn’t/can’t serve. I have multiple friends who RE-DEPLOYED with a fake leg, one eye, one hand, etc

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