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Hardened Arms Citadel Linear Muzzle Compensator

Mike Searson

Hardened Arms recently unveiled their new Citadel Linear Muzzle Compensator (LMC). This is essentially a combination muzzle brake and blast diverter that directs muzzle blast and sound down range.

We know you can’t wait to lay your grubby dick beaters on a suppressor (because those of us who already own them call them silencers), but yes you are waiting. Waiting for HPA to pass so they will all be $100 and sold over the counter. Waiting for your mom to send you $200 for your birthday so you can beat the crowd and just get your paperwork in now and (starts with F, rhymes with Chuck) Schumer will deliver you that refund with interest when HPA passes.

Waiting for the next big thing to come out from Gemtech, AAC, SIG, and Daniel Defense. Waiting for your Magpul fidget spinner to come in the mail after sending in 1,105 PMAG Proofs of Purchase.

Yeah, keep waiting. But in the meantime, take a look at the LMC.

Hardened Arms Citadel Linear Muzzle Compensator

Unlike a silencer or suppressor (which muffle sound), the LMC concentrates burning gasses and sound in a blast chamber and shroud in order to redirect them downrange, where they belong. The end result is a more pleasant shooting experience. You still need ear- and eye-pro (don’t be a dumbass), but your shooting buddies won’t want to kick your ass at the cease fire like they did to that one guy who showed up with a BOSS a decade ago.

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