Duty gloves are like any other piece of protective gear. There is no perfect size, weight, or protection level. It’s all mission dependent. The gloves a soldier needs is different than the gloves a police officer needs.

Hatch Patrolman gloves aren’t the right choice for everyone, but if you need a lightweight pair of gloves that offer users a substantial level of protection while allowing them to keep their dexterity. They provide a significant level of protection from quick exposures to heat, against most punctures and slashes, and protection from chemical exposure.

The Sheepskin leather provides reliable protection. It’s also comfortable and tactile. When gripping a gun or knife, it never feels like its going to slide or falls out of your hand. The solid grip is invaluable for a duty glove.

The Hatch Patrolman Dexterity

The Hatch Patrolman gloves are super lightweight. They don’t serve the same purpose as something like the Station Grip gloves from 5.11. These gloves allow you to very easily wield and shoot any gun, including ultra-small pocket pistols. The gloves are thin, and they will enable you to insert your finger into a trigger guard easily. You can also feel the core of the trigger as you pull it.

It’s also easy to use small tools like knives, pens and paper, and even your modern phone or tablet. The gloves are touch screen compatible, and I’ve no issues using my phone while wearing the gloves. This was quite handy during the photography portion of this review. From a less Gucci perspective, it’s still an excellent and convenient feature for using modern tech in the field. You don’t have to remove your gloves to make a call to dispatch or gather intel via photos.


Comfort wise these things are super lightweight, and I love it. Three words why Florida in June. It’s Summer number 1 here. The thin CoolMax texture on the back is like a fine mesh that allows your hands to breath a bit Sweat doesn’t pool up too badly in the gloves. They can be worn for long periods of time without feeling like you are going swimming in a pool of your sweat.


Style hardly seems worth mentioning to some, buts it’s worth mentioning to me. The gloves don’t appear overly tactical. They look like simple leather gloves that disguise their true intentions well. They provide a professional appearance as well, which could be invaluable to police and EMTs. I like the subtle presence and feel it fits the gloves purpose well.

If the Hatch Patrolman gloves fit your bill of needs, then check out our friends at RTS Tactical for an excellent deal on gloves, as well as other tactical gear. The Hatch Patrolman gloves are a solid pair of gloves that provide low profile protection in a variety of situations.