Hat Point Target Stands are multi-width target stands which can change your shooting experience forever.  Made in America from light weight, high impact and durable polymer, these target stands collapse into a small package. They don’t rust, break or bang up the back of your truck. You can carry ten of them in a footlocker and still have one guy carry it. They work with any paper target.

If you shoot, you need to train. The Hat Point target stand allows you to easily transport, set up and practice more efficiently with multiple targets. Train more, set up less. Any shooter in virtually any sport can use these. Even skeet shooters need to pattern.

I have traveled all over the world and set up ranges. You have to have targets. They have to attach to some thing. If you scrounge wood locally in the third world, you will find that any pieces of useful wood and cardboard have been used for housing.

For not much money, you can load a bunch of Hat Point target stands in a box, put it on a pallet, fly it across the ocean and outfit a whole range. If you are running a range within driving distance, just throw them in the back of your car. They won’t tear the upholstery like metal or wood. Ask me how I know.


They can be staked down or weighted for indoor ranges. Using a wide array of vertical supports, they self adjust to adapt to different wood or polymer up rights. After elections, there are always plenty of wood and backers around. Stock up after the mid-terms.

Anything you put down range is going to get shot. Wood, Metal and PVC target stands produce splinters and sharp edges when shot. The advanced polymer in Hat Point target stands reseals after being shot. It will take hundreds of hits without breaking or cutting you.


Adaptable to Multiple target widths – 6” 7” 8” 10” 12” 14” 16” 18” 20” 23” 24”.

Use with official USPSA, IPSC, IDPA silhouette targets and any 12” wide targets that turn fluorescent on impact.

Light weight & robust design.

Portable – take down design. Easy for set up and storage.

Impact resistant engineered polymer construction.

Integrated clip design to hold variable factory milled widths of 1 X 2 fir strips commonly found at Lowe’s, Home Depot or lumber stores, (fir strips not included)

No shimming required to hold fir strips.

Footprint 20″ x 28″.

Made in the USA.

Hat Point Target Stands: Light Weight, Portable and Durable

You can use Hat Point with USPA, IPSC, IDPA, B-27, B-29 silhouette targets even with 12”wide reactive targets.
Made in the U.S.A. to USA standards.

Hat Point Target Stands: Light Weight, Portable and Durable

What target holder do you use? Wood? Metal? None?

You can get your very own Hatpoint Target Stand HERE MSRP $39.99

Military and Law Enforcement customers should contact Hatpoint Target Stands for volume discounts.

About Hatpoint:

Hat Point Target is a family owned, early stage company that manufactures in U.S.A. Their primary product is a lightweight polymer target stand that is useful across many different shooting disciplines.

Being a lifelong firearms shooter, experiencing challenges with target setup when at the range or field, owner John Schwend designed an injection molded polymer target stand to address the challenges.

Working in the plastic industry for 32 years, John ran various projects in the firearms, outdoor and auto industries converting metal systems to polymers. This gives Hat Point great insight into the benefits of using polymer.

Hat Point has put thousands of products in the hands of many happy customers, with feedback of great performance, ease of use and great value.

You can also find information on their products at HatpointTarget.com