Hawk Knife Designs has just released a revealing take down video of the Hawk Knives Deadlock automatic, the first OTF knife with a completely solid lockup. This is the first time since the Deadlock’s 2015 debut that the Hawks have uncovered the entire assembly of the innovative out-the-front mechanism.

“Everyone’s seen how other OTFs work and it’s always the same principle,” says Gavin Hawk, who works alongside father Grant Hawk. “The Deadlock is totally different.” In the 29-minute video, Hawk highlights the important elements of the Deadlock mechanism, including a conical stop pin, which works in conjunction with a stop plate to deliver the rock solid, no blade play lockup that has already made the Deadlock famous.

Hawk tells us the video highlights the relative simplicity of his creation. While it brings more innovation to the table, the Deadlock is comprised of fewer parts than most OTFs. “It has more parts than a Microtech but less than everything else,” Hawk confirms. This efficiency was reached through an intense prototyping phase to ensure each element carried its weight. “We spent a whole year just making drawings and working out several features,” Grant Hawk says.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News