Even guys that prefer the woods like me occasionally have had the need to hire a limo service. Sure, I went to the prom in rural Vermont (where there are no limos to hire), but over the years I’ve found myself riding around in some long, fancy rides everywhere from Vegas to New York City, and almost invariably, I felt uncomfortable. Fortunately for me, that discomfort is usually assuaged by the amount of alcohol one tends to bring with them into a limo.

Ah, young Marines drinking whiskey out of champagne glasses. Just like Chesty would have wanted. What was I, 12 in this picture?

Well, if you’re anything like me, and you find yourself more comfortable in a mud-covered Toyota pickup held together by duct tape than you are riding in a stretched Town Car (and you happen to live in the UK), there’s now a better option for your prom and wedding needs: a stretch-tank. How do you make a stretch tank? By welding two normal tanks together, of course.

I’ll let these guys explain the rest.