HEAdesigns is kicking off its new Future Series with the Antidote and the Poison. The company built the knives on the framework of the popular Sabertooth folding comb.

The Sabertooth made waves in the gear community as a folding comb designed like a modern, high-end titanium frame lock flipper knife. The Sabertooth was a hit, not only because of the unusual comb flipper concept but also because of its simple pill-shaped design and striking metallic pastel colors. Customers wondered if a bladed version wasn’t far behind.

But Sam Abdelrahman, the founder of HEAdesigns, realized it wouldn’t be as simple as swapping out the comb for a cutting edge. “Putting a knife blade that’s the same shape in the handle would be the easy way out,” he tells us. The pivot, internal milling, and even the clip were all changed to tackle the added demands of a cutting tool. “I took the handle shape but changed everything inside and out.”

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