A popular trend in everyday carry seems to be the survival tin. I am partial to them myself, they allow the prepared individual to carry everything needed for an extreme survival situation in a pint-sized pocket form.  To be sure, my pockets seem to billow like a pillow the more I add to my everyday carry. That is where this EDC pouch comes in handy.

Several months ago, I wrote an article on my daily work loadout.

Hedgehog Leather Utility EDC pouch
Magnus’ EverydayWork Carry

In the picture you can notice a little leather EDC pouch on the shoulder strap of my 5.11 bag.  This little leather EDC pouch of survival goodness was created by Hedgehog Leatherworks.

Hedgehog Leather Utility EDC pouch

The great and mighty Thor might believe this sturdy leather pouch was forged from the tanned hide of a Frost Giant, not so. Hedgehog uses ‘USA vegetable tanned steer hide’. You can feel the quality the moment you pick this pouch up.  All Hedgehog products come with a 25 year Warranty.  When you handle the leather, it is easy to feel this is a warranty that will never be used. This little beauty is as solid as a punch to the face from Mjolnir.

The Utility EDC Pouch comes in two styles, Basic or Advanced.  I chose the Advanced model.  The difference is in the fire striker.

To me, the biggest innovation for the Hedgehog Utility Pouch is the ejection strap. It is a crazy simple concept that leads to a ridiculously easy extraction.  A fabric strap behind your tin of choice pulls the tin out of the pouch. Glorious innovation.

Hedgehog Leather Utility EDC pouch

If you buy into the survival tin craze like me, head over to Hedgehog Leatherworks and check out the Utility Pouch. Odin approved, but crafted in the USA.