Not too long ago I published an article on the Tactical Nightstand. The idea behind the tactical nightstand is to have the necessary items at arms reach in the event of a home invasion or emergency. That requires having an organized nightstand that is not piled high with magazines and your EDC gear when you empty your pockets before bedtime.

We have also covered using a baseball hat as a means of keeping all your EDC gear in one spot that is easy to grab at a moments notice, but not everyone uses a hat. Typically I will use the idea idea when traveling. At home I prefer to use an EDC tray. There are a few companies that make quality EDC trays. One of those companies is Hell-Bent Holsters. They make a Leather EDC Tray that is available in a few different color combinations.

Hell-Bent Holsters | Leather EDC Tray
OD Green
Hell-Bent Holsters | Leather EDC Tray
Distressed Blood Red

Description (courtesy of Hell-Bent Holsters):

These leather EDC trays were designed and made by our good friends at Bad Love Leather!

They are designed for you to put all of your Every Day Carry items in the tray at the end of the day and be able to keep them organized and easy to grab the next morning!

The tray itself not only keeps your items organized, but keeps your nightstand or counter from being scratched.

These are made out of the highest quality leather by a master craftsman in Burlington, Washington.

MSRP $140 direct from Hell-Bent Holsters

*Photos courtesy of Hell-Bent Holsters