Admiral William McRaven, author of “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World,” explains what his daily workout consists of including push-ups, pull-ups and other exercises. Following is a transcript of the video.

I’ve got a routine. I do 100 crunches and then I’ll start, I’ve got a push-up routine. 

I do 35, rest, 35, rest, 35, rest. And then I’ll go to the pull-up bar. I do about 15 pull-ups on the pull-up bar. Again, a series of 3. Then I will do a series of 15 dips, 3 of them. I hit the weights in between and I also have a BOB, the Body Opponent Bag. It’s a torso punching bag. 

I also like to lift weights. We didn’t actually lift a lot of weights in SEAL training, because there were so many of us in a SEAL team or in a SEAL training class, you just couldn’t set up a circuit — but the calisthenics and really today you see the fitness world going from, “Well, you need to do heavy weights or you need to do kettlebells, or you need to …. ” Well, I think what you find is calisthenics, the old push-ups, sit-ups, 8-count bodybuilders, chase the rabbit, these were exercises that I still do today, and they serve me pretty well. 

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