SHOT Show 2019 has helped me find a holster solution for the ladies in my life, Dene Adams a company making holsters for the ladies.  Men – show this article to your gal.  With the right holster, maybe she’ll want to start carrying concealed after all.

Founded on a Legacy, Holsters Made for Women

Founded on the legacy of Anna’s grandfather, Dene Adams supplies creative solutions for concealed carry with women in mind (and now a new line for men.)

Anna Taylor of Dene Adams has a passion for what she does and it shows in her creativity and enthusiasm for her products.  Anna calls her holster creations a “compression concealed carry holster for women.”  Anna’s innovation and design efforts allow women to carry concealed comfortably without a change in wardrobe.

I teach a basic pistol course for civilians and a question that I am frequently asked is from the ladies.  “What holster options do you have for us women?  I don’t want to wear a belt, I want to keep my pretty outfits.”

I usually show the ladies in my class a collection of holsters that I have that work for me.  Kydex, leather, and even some plastic that are mostly OWB hip carry and some IWB appendix carry.  These holsters work for me but I’m a big fella at 6’6″.  I always wear a belt and usually a loose shirt that easily conceals even a large frame pistol.  My girth helps with the concealment.

My big fella holster solutions don’t always work for the ladies.

Solutions by Anna

Instead of listening to a big dumb guy tell you why these holsters work and make me awkwardly talk about things like “the ladies,” “boob sweat,” “smoothing the back fat,” and stuff like that; how about you listen to Anna tell you about it.