What is a possibles pouch?

During the 18th century many woodsman and military scouts carried a possibles pouch. Within that pouch they carried what they needed for the day; similar to what our SOF operators would carry in a SERE kit. Back then the typical pouch contained black powder, powder measurer, flint and steel, lead balls and patch, a patch knife, and a skinning knife, as well as other personal items.

The possibles pouch that Malcolm over at The Hidden Woodsmen has designed looks much like a toiletry bag, but has much more versatility than just that. When I travel I use this pouch as a toiletry bag and any other small items that I need to take with me.

The Possible Pouch can also be used to carry your ammunition to the range.

Hidden Woodsman | Possibles Pouch
(5) 50 round boxes of 9mm fit perfectly into this pouch.

The pouch can also be used a a small vehicle medical bag/kit. I’m actually thinking about ordering another one for just that (in his orange color).

Hidden Woodsman | Possibles Pouch
Pouch containing medical items

The pouch also contains a nice sturdy handle to carry and a small loop to clip a carabiner too. This could possibly come in handy if used as a small med bag. If you need to run with the bag and need both hands you could clip a carabiner to the small loop, and then clip it to your belt or belt loop.

Hidden Woodsman | Possibles Pouch
Carry handle
Hidden Woodsman | Possibles Pouch
Carabiner loop

All the material and zippers used are sourced within the USA and personally built by Malcolm. If you’re looking for quality outdoor nylon gear and want to support a small American business, then head on over to The Hidden Woodsmen website and put your order in today!

Hidden Woodsman | Possibles Pouch
High quality zippers

Specifications (courtesy of thehiddenwoodsmen.com):

  • 1000d contruction
  • High quality zipper
  • Dimension 9″ x 4.5″ x 3″
  • Color options: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Kryptek Mandrake, Orange, Marpat