Courtesy of Tactical Life

An enterprising high school senior in South Carolina has introduced Tactical Lites—a new line of innovative, rugged gloves with removable LED lights designed for military, first responders and workers. Visit the newly-launched kickstarter page to contribute to this project.

High schooler and entrepreneur Cade Cassidy is a fan of all things tactical, and while he acknowledges there’s a ton of great tactical gloves for military members, LEOs, EMTs, private contractors, security professionals and trade workers in the marketplace, he says he saw an opportunity to create something that offers enhanced value and functionality through high-quality illumination.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I am near obsessed with developing superior tactical gear to help our heroes who protect our nation and our workers who build our country be able to perform more efficiently and more safely,”  Cassidy said.  “We knew this was a need that had to be met.”

Thus, Tactical Lites was born. These gloves boast a patent pending multi-function LED light unit that lets the end user alternate between a white light, red light and red strobe light. The LED unit is rechargeable via an included USB cable. It’s also IP44 weatherproof, making it able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The unit is designed to be securely placed inside each glove without worry of it falling out of place.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life