A firearm malfunction has never made anyone’s day better. At the range, it’s cause for a frustrated immediate action drill or worse and in combat it could cost you your life. Serious malfunctions also have a habit of causing lasting damage to your firearm (and potentially to you), making them the sort of thing you don’t even wish on the annoying guy at the range that always wants to shout conversations about Game of Thrones at his buddies like he’s spending the afternoon at a Starbucks.

It goes without saying that if a malfunction in your trusty AR is a bummer, then malfunctions in rare and exotic firearms can be downright tragic — but they are, nonetheless, bound to happen. If someone’s going to be out there firing rare guns, then rare guns are bound to fail from time to time. Fortunately for us, the guys over at Forgotten Weapons maintain a library of high speed footage of these failures — because if you’re going to destroy something beautiful, you might as well get it on camera. They also offer some awesome explanations to accompany the failures so you can understand exactly what you’re looking at.

If you’re having too good a day, check out the video below and try your best not to cringe.