Wireless technology is not something one typically thinks of when it comes to weapons. Crimson Trace, however, wants operators and home defenders to think and work outside of the box, so to speak. The LiNQ system is a combination aiming laser and tactical light that’s similar to the company’s Rail Master Pro series but specifically designed for the AR platform, including AR-style pistols.

The system uses wireless technology that allows the user to operate the light and laser from the AR’s pistol grip. No wires. No touch pads. The Crimson Trace LiNQ system has only two components: one is a light/laser module that attaches to the AR’s handguard and the second is an AR pistol grip that replaces your AR’s existing pistol grip. The two units sync up with each other and allow the user to control the laser and light all from the AR’s pistol grip.

What this means is that there are no wires to snag in close-quarters environments like a vehicle or doorway. Plus there is no need for the operator to control the tactical light and aiming laser with their support arm. The LiNQ system is controlled by the shooting hand. It is unlike any laser or tactical light product currently available on the market.

The Crimson Trace LiNQ system has been thoroughly tested against potential hacks and other interruption possibilities. It has also passed rigorous drop, dust and moisture tests.

An operator knows the LiNQ is synched up when a green light on the grip’s side panel is illuminated. If the green light is flashing, the grip unit is searching for the light/laser module, and a red light appears if the control grip has lost connectivity with the light/laser module. These indicators easily allow an operator to see the system’s status.

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