This is the world’s thinnest waterproof iPhone case by the makers of the world’s best action / adventure photography iPhone case.

Using an everyday waterproof case in the past meant something plastic on your phone, something foreign. We wanted to blow that up and build something tough that your iPhone would be proud of.” – BROOKS BERGREEN (HITCASE Founder)

HITCASE Shield For iPhone

I’ve had and extensively used every single iPhone case that HITCASE has come out with since their inception. In fact, most of the action pics on this site and my socialsare taken with a HITCASE equipped iPhone.

What attracted me to their cases was their true waterproof capabilities, shockproof reliability and GoPro-like capturing interchangeable lenses.

The HITCASE Shield, their newest model, is seemingly less featured than their cases before it, but it’s actually more advanced, even with the departure of the lens system. It’s also completely different in design and construction. An evolution of the “HITCASE”.

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Photos courtesy of Vinjabond