Hammer-fired is smartly making a comeback.  With the current trend of appendix carry folks are starting to appreciate the additional safety a hammer can provide.  Pistols like the HK P30 offer a hammer to rest your thumb on while holstering.  No amount of snagging or obstruction can pull the trigger without a clear tactile warning transferring into your thumb.  Let’s take a look at the construction and feel of the P30 SK in the video below.

The advantage with this choice in handgun comes from the double-action only ability to deliver a second strike on a potentially bad round or hard primer.  The LEM trigger takes up much of the pull weight upon cocking so only a true second strike feels heavy.  Additionally the hammer is bobbed so as a carry gun it rides as comfortably as a striker-fired gun.  Specs below were taken directly from HK’s product page:



Caliber Length Height Width Barrel Length
9 mm x 19 6.42 in. 4.57 in. 1.37 in. 3.27 in.


Caliber Weight (with empty magazine)
9 mm x 19 23.99 oz

Other Specifications

Caliber Magazine Capacity
9 mm x 19 10/13/15

10-round capacity seems a bit light for a gun of this size, but I have been unable to find the 13-round magazines so far.  I plan on taking this pistol to the range soon for the standard GBGuns battery of tests.  As seen in the video I’m going to take full advantage of being able to mix and match the three interchangeable grip portions.  As a large-handed individual I tend to have a bit of gap between my firing hand and the right side of the gun.  HK’s larger grip panel installed on the right side helps fill that gap for me while the slimmer panel on the left helps me maintain a good two-handed grip.

Range test will be filmed and include as always a full-mag +1 test for basic reliability.  Compatibility with different projectile shapes, weights, charges, and case materials through are tested with the “What’s for Dinner?” test.  Lastly a quick field accuracy test firing five shots from seven yards using Nosler Match ammunition.