In 1950, a young Hobie Alter converted his love for woodworking and started messing around with surfboard construction. Since then, California based Hobie has become a lifestyle brand revolving around fun and water. From the iconic Hobie Cat sailboat to surfboards, kayaks, sunglasses and SUP boards, Hobie has innovated many new ways to play on the water. One of the new polarized sunglasses from the Hydro collection is the Cruz-R.

Hobie Cruz-R Polarized Sunglasses | First Look
Hydro Infinity polarized lenses

Hobies Hydro Collection is clearly focused on the water sportsman. Wether you’re kayak fishing, sailing or just hanging out at the dock, the Cruz-R is designed to be on your face. Featuring a unique Hydro Infinity polarized lens that repels water, sweat and sunscreen. As an avid sea-kayaker, I appreciate a lens that can shed water. The Great Lakes can dish out some nasty conditions and I’ve been caught in them before. And wiping off your sunglasses after smashing through a wave is impossible when you can’t let go of your paddle for even a second.

Hobie Cruz-R Polarized Sunglasses | First Look
Fully adjustable removable retainer system

A fully adjustable removable retainer system is also included with the Cruz-R. This wire retainer just clips onto the end of the temple arm. A nice feature considering I’ve lost an expensive pair of sunglasses when I found myself upside down in Lake Superior. These Hobie Polarized Cruz-R sunglasses are my new “go-to” shades when paddling. But they’re not only for water sports. While in Utah, I had a few days to give these new shades a try hiking in the rocky landscape.

Hobie Cruz-R Polarized Sunglasses | First Look
Hobie Polarized Collection

Hobie Cruz-R features courtesy of

  • Hydroclean™ Plus Hydro Infinity lenses
  • TR-90 Frame
  • Durable Precision Flex Hinges
  • 8 Base Polarized Lenses
  • L Fit 64-18-125
  • Megol Rubber Anti-Fog Gasket
  • Hydro Retainer
  • RX Friendly
  • MSRP from $99.99


The Cruz-R is available in two frame colors and five lens colors. All configurations feature the Hydro Infinity polarized lenses. Additionally, the Hydro Collection includes 4 unique frame designs. It’s been a few years since I was kid rocking a plaid pair of Hobie board shorts. So I appreciate my reunion with this iconic surf brand. Take a minute and browse the Hobie Polarized website. What you’ll find is a surprising value for such a feature packed line-up of sunglasses.