While in the midst of building up my ultralight AR-15, I came across the AR-15 Parts Weight Database (PWD).  This wonderful little resource has compiled both advertised and user-verified weights for a vast multitude of AR parts and accessories which is great for planning out your build, as well as discovering products that you hadn’t heard of yet.  Such is the case with Hogue’s 15-degree grip.  I’m very familiar with Hogue products, like their handgun grips and overmolded rifle stocks, but their line-up of AR grips was new to me.

The whole premise of the 15-degree grip is when shooting with a compact “CQB” style stance, a more vertical grip is a more natural grip.  This is the case when you’re shooting with a PDW stock or a tightly collapsed traditional stock.  Given that the standard AR-15 grip is a 30-degree flavor, the Hogue grip is considerably more vertical.

Hogue 15-degree AR-15 grip | Ultralight and on point

On paper, it sounds nice.  When you start shouldering the rifle, this grip feels great in the hand.  It is pretty slim and low profile, featuring no finger grooves nor a beavertail.  The angle of presentation is very comfortable for me, having been brought up in the early GWOT shooting stance with elbows in tight.  While this grip is the lightest full-profile grip currently available anywhere on the market, it doesn’t feel weak or flimsy despite its scant 1.5-ounces weight.  Wrapping both of my monkey mitts around the grip and squeezing as hard as I could yield no flex out of the polymer.  Hogue may be best known for their rubberized stocks, but if they wanted to expand into the ultralight parts niche, the material they used here would be an excellent choice to manufacture a minimalist buttstock out of.  Although it took a little bit to get used to the slim diameter, it has quickly become my favorite grip, and I have a box full of different ones.

Yes, a grip is a small part.  It is an important one though, as it is the primary interface point between shooter and weapon during both firing and manipulation.  Hogue’s polymer 15-degree vertical grip is an excellent choice for an Ar-15, ultralight or not.  At $19.95, it is also an inexpensive choice, well worth checking out.

-Rex Nanorum