Hogue is mostly known for their well-made series of firearms grips. They make grips and stocks for rifles, shotguns, and handguns of all kinds. Hogue is branching off into knives, and they made a big showing at Shot Show 2017. Hogue has dived headfirst into the knife and blade realm in general with tomahawks, fixed blade knives, folders, and to me most importantly automatic knives. Since Shot Show I’ve really had the desire for an automatic knife. I didn’t have a particular brand in mind, but the Hogue auto knife series was the first to show up with the options I wanted.

Hogue Auto Knife | First Look
In the Box

The Hogue Auto Knife EX-AO3

My needs were for a smooth, non-serrated drop point blade with a simple set of black grips. My options were limited largely because of an inane and ridiculous switchblade laws I can’t really order what I want online. Luckily my gun store is also my knife store and they ordered a wide variety of Hogue Auto knives. The model that fit my needs was the EX-AO3. This particular Hogue Auto knife is a side opening blade and comes in a variety of different colors. I like keeping things simple, so the black grips are best for me. The drop point straight blade ensures easy sharpening and simple and reliable blade design.

Hogue Auto Knife | First Look

This particular Hogue auto knife fits my needs, however, Hogue is offering plenty of options for the picky knife enthusiast. There is tanto, serrated, and swept back options available. The Hogue Auto knife line is quite broad and they are really trying to take the knife industry by storm.


I’ve only had my EX-AO3 for a week now but I’m already a huge fan, Hogue’s controls are simple but effective. The knife features a locking safety system. With the lock pulled to the rear this Hogue auto knife isn’t moving an inch. Push the button and the blade stays put. Remove the safety and the blade is in your hand and ready to rock and roll. Push the safety into position and the blade is locked into position until the safety is released the blade cannot be put away.

Hogue Auto Knife | First Look

The blade is ready and in your hand via the push of a button, regardless of how busy your off-hand is.  To put the blade away, push the safety downward, and press the release button. You can then fold the knife away, re-engage the lock and be safe and secure in carrying any Hogue auto knife. I’m looking forward to seeing just what the Hogue EX-AO3 can do. Look for a review coming up soon.