(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

Hogue is expanding its line of folding knives with spring-loaded, four-inch, automatic versions of its popular EX-01 and EX-04 tactical folders.

“We’ve worked hard to create an incredibly reliable automatic knife based on our button lock knife platform,” Hogue managing partner Jim Bruhns said in a press release. “Adding four inch blades to our automatic line will satisfy demand from those wanting the same reliable cutting tool but in a larger variety.”

The main reason that Hogue’s auto knives consistently deliver is because of the proprietary music wire spring developed for Hogue Knives by spring maker Wolff Gunsprings. “We’re delivering an automatic knife that will last for years,” said Bruhns. “It will fire with the same authority on the first or the 10,000th deployment.”

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Photo courtesy of Hogue