While it’s great to read up on a specific round’s accuracy potential before a big purchase, (for purposes other than target shooting) it’s equally important to know what kind of terminal performance to expect the projectile to achieve as well.  As I’m getting ready to spin up an article on some handgun ammo reviews I have my chronograph, zero targets and calipers handy. I’m able to measure the ammunition’s consistency and accuracy, but not its terminal effects on a target.

I could use milk jugs full of water (been there), or freezer burned meat that’s beyond salvage (done that), but the most consistent and applicable medium I can use is a ballistic gel. While homemade gel might not be the exacting industrial grade used by the FBI and ballistic laboratories, if made right, it’s an inexpensive and informative tool to add to your range day.

Here’s the best of the instructional videos I’ve found, with the directions I’m using to brew up my gel.  Enjoy!

-Rex Nanorum