In the Marine Corps, when I either traveled home or changed duty stations, in order to transport my uniforms without them wrinkling, I had to use the traditional garment bag. The traditional garment bags fill their intended role very well, but they are limited to only that role and tend to be big and bulky. Even for a quick weekend or 3-day business trip, you would need to bring your garment bag and some type of duffle bag to carry your other essentials.

The Garment Weekender by Hook & Albert is truly something that James Bond or John Wick would use. In the James Bond movie, Spectre, Daniel Craig used a different style/brand of a weekender style bag when traveling to Austria. This style bag works well for Bond as it keeps a low profile when moving around with weapons or other tools of the trade. With the Weekender bag from Hook & Albert, you’re able to carry a suit in a garment bag fashion, but then it zips up into a duffle bag in order to transport all your other travel essentials. This is a game changer for those that travel frequently for business.


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*Photo courtesy of Hook & Albert

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