Ranger Proof is a bold statement.  It’s even more bold to name a company Ranger Proof.  The company has set some high standards for itself as one should expect with such a name, “Our mission is simple. We will provide the absolute best gear, made with the best components at the most fair price we can all the while providing the best customer service in the industry. We are not only businessmen, we are consumers first and foremost. Our commitment to quality and customer service shall set the example for others to follow.”.

Before any of the tabbed get their feathers ruffled here’s what the company has to say about using the tab in their logo, “It is not a secret as to why the Ranger Tab was used in the creation of our logo. The Ranger Tab is recognizable world-wide as a beacon of someone that will not quit under extreme circumstances.


The Ranger Tab symbolizes the fact that when you see it, you know the person wearing it can be counted on when the going gets tough. The same thing goes for our gear. Rangers are notoriously hard on gear, so if we “Tab” the gear “Ranger Proof”, then you know you can trust it to work for you.

Assuming their products are as hard-working as they advertise them to do it’s only fitting that they would offer a product for America’s most-modified handgun, the Glock.  The EDGE of course has a flat face which some shooters prefer.  The safety has been widened which I expect will improve comfort.  The most interesting claim is the elimination of pretravel.   This part is available through AIM Surplus, but not on Ranger Proof’s own website.  Listed at half the cost of most complete triggers the EDGE is only the shoe, requiring use of your existing trigger bar.

Because your existing trigger bar is used you’ll need to drive out this pin to change the shoe.

Installation is simple and requires only driving out a few pins which any Glock owner is familiar with.  To see how and if it actually works watch the video below.






Is it truly Ranger proof?  Time may tell, and I’ll have to find a Ranger to try it out, but in the mean time I look forward to shooting it and appreciate that a company is offering just a trigger shoe.  While other companies offer complete triggers with bar in my experience little if anything is ever really done to the bar and the shoe is where the magic happens.