Glocks are loved and hated for their tune-ability.  Owners are constantly in pursuit of that promised “Perfection”.  Fortunately, there is more than enough after-market available to build a complete Glock without using any Glock parts.  Some of those parts can be a bit pricey for the layman but that’s not true about all.  One part that is often overlooked is the safety plunger.

The safety plunger is one of the first friction points the shooter feels while pulling the trigger.  As the trigger comes rearward, the trigger bar rubs against and lifts the safety plunger.  This little part has friction against the trigger bar, friction against the slide, gravity, and a spring all playing a role.  Owners can polish or lubricate the plunger that came in their Glock or purchase an aftermarket option from their favorite vendor.

These specialty plungers usually retail for around $20 making them one of the least expensive parts to replace and experiment with.  In the video below the author removes a worn titanium plunger and replaces it with a polished steel piece from L2D Combat.  Don’t expect the plunger to revolutionize your trigger, and pull weight will likely be the same, but the feel is what changes.  Initial take-up is made smoother.  By smoothing that initial take-up the trigger will feel more like a two-stage with a definitive wall before breaking.

If you haven’t disassembled a Glock slide before worry not, as that is also included in the video below.