Add-on magwells have been something I’ve avoided for years.  I simply didn’t see the expense and reduction in conceal-ability to be better than simply training more to not need a funnel on the bottom of my gun.  That changed with the release of L2D Combat’s Lo-Pro Magwell.

Unlike most other magwells for Glock, the Lo-Pro from L2D Combat doesn’t turn your gun into an absurd cone.  In fact, the contours seem to round the butt of the gun making it almost easier to conceal.  It also did a magical thing for me: my hand now comfortably fits a Glock 19!  If you have large hands you’ve likely pinched some skin during a hasty reload.  I did it several times over the course of a four-day defensive handgun class and gave up on my Glock 19.  With the magwell from L2D Combat I can slam mags as quickly as I want without any flesh getting in the way.

Hop Up Your Glock With the L2D Combat Magwell: Watch Graham Baates Video


Other simple brilliance includes a gentle taper along the sides to ensure stripping a magazine is still possible.  It appears the wizards at L2D Combat have once again engineered a true solution and not just another accessory.

Photo courtesy of L2D