I own guns for several reasons, hunting, sport, and defense of my family and myself. If you asked me the most important reason I own a gun I’d clearly pick self-defense. As a father and husband, it’s my job to keep my family safe. I own a gun, I train with it, and I store it responsibly when it’s not in my control. Storing a firearm can be a difficult compromise between accessibility and safety. You need to be able to access your safe rapidly but want to get unauthorized users away. The Hornady Rapid Safe aims to bridge the gap between rapid access and complete security.

Hornady Rapid Safe Breakdown

There are several safes in the Rapid line, including models for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The model we are looking at today is the 2600KP. The 2600KP is designed for handguns and comes with three different means to access your gun. Let’s talk security before we talk accessibility though.

The Hornady Rapid Safe -A Real Boombox


The Hornady Rapid Safe is certified child resistant to the ASTM Safety standards. It’s pry-resistant and resistant to drops, picks, and hinge attacks. It’s made from 14 gauge steel so it’s a bit hefty in weight. A safe this small isn’t going to keep a dedicated professional burglar with a good set of tools or a torch out. It’s going to keep kids out, amateur thieves busy, and if properly utilized difficult for those looking to grab and go. As a small safe you run the risk of the whole safe being stolen, but Hornady includes a few options to make that a bit tougher.

The Hornady Rapid Safe -A Real Boombox

You get thick cable lock for securing the safe to a permanent piece of your home, and the ability to simply mount the safe the wall, or to the ground, or really anywhere vertically or horizontally. This is perfect for discreetly hiding the safe so you can use both physical security and a bit of deception to secure your weapon.

Something Goes Bump

A window breaks, something falls, or someone’s banging on your door a little too aggressively a little too late at night. Fumbling with keys, trying to see the combination on a wheel, or hoping your fingerprint works simply isn’t acceptable and Hornady knew that when they designed the safe.

This safe utilizes three different means to access your weapons. The first is keys and are designed to be a manual fail-safe in case the power’s out and the batteries are dead. The second is a 4 to 6 number combination code entered into the safe. There are only 4 digits, and the keyboard is illuminated so it’s easy to quickly dial in the combo and retrieve your gun.

Putting the Rapid in Hornady Rapid Safe

The most rapid means to unlock the safe is through RFID chips. The safe comes with two RFID chips that feature an adhesive backing. You can connect them to your phone, or to the included keychain. You also get a bracelet with an RFID chip built into it. Crate Club members received an additional two RFID chips as well as a small card about the size of a credit card you can attach the RFID chip too. Crate Club members also got a secondary wristband with an implanted RFID chip.

The Hornady Rapid Safe -A Real Boombox

When these RFID chips are scanned over the safe’s combination console the safe just throws itself open. I mean it has some serious force behind it, it jumps a bit off the table. There is no slow opening sloth to this thing. When you need your gun you need it now, and the safe gives it to you.

The Hornady Rapid Safe -A Real Boombox

I like the idea of turning items I use every day into keys. At night I just put the band on and go to sleep. If something pops off the key is already on me and I don’t need to struggle to open my safe. With the wristband on I slide my arm over the safe, grab my gun and get to it. When I wake up I lock the wristband in the safe, put my gun on and have my phone, keychain, and code memorized. 

Final Thoughts

Programming the RFID chips to the safe is insanely simple, and it takes about 5 seconds. The same could be said for programming the safe’s combo codes. I did it without instructions by just guessing at it. Although, the instructions are easy to follow.

The Hornady Rapid Safe -A Real Boombox

The Hornady Rapid Safe is a great option to keep your EDC gun, your home defense guns secured and well protected. It’s a great idea that translates well into practice. Crate Club members should keep an eye on it. Let us know what you guys think of it. 


*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase

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