Pens, magazines, saucepans—in the hands of Bourne, these are fatal weapons.

Jason Bourne is probably the most resourceful action hero in movies—half the fun of the series is watching the myriad ways he wastes bad guys using everyday household items. At once imaginative and pragmatic in the domestic realm, Bourne is the Martha Stewart of wrecking dudes. In honor of the amnesiac assassin’s return in this weekend’s Jason Bourne, we’ve revisited the original Bourne trilogy and itemized every household object Jason Bourne has used to wreck fools in each movie, up to and including Jason Bourne.

Here’s a strange thing we’ve found, though: As memorable as these assaults-by-sundries are, they don’t happen that often, and the movies don’t make a big deal of it. There’s only one instance of improvised weaponry in The Bourne Identity, but it is memorable as hell. In fact, you could argue that it’s a trick that becomes less interesting the more you see it done, because you really only have to tell audiences that a character is good at hitting bad guys over the head with scenery, like, once before they get it: Bourne doesn’t need a weapon, but put anything in his hand and he will find a way to use it to tear you to pieces. You have probably used most of these things, but as they were intended to be used, which is a practice we’d advocate for. Please don’t try any of this at home. Here they are:

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