When Eugene Stoner designed the AR-10 platform in the late 1950s, it is unlikely he could have imagined the success this rifle (and it’s progeny) would achieve.  While the total number of AR platform rifles in civilian hands isn’t known, estimates range from 2-30 million.  Combine that with the multitude of M-4’s and other descendants of the AR-10 in the US military’s armory’s, and it’s easy to see why the AR-15 is hailed as “America’s Rifle”.

While most people reading this article are probably already informed to a degree as to the general operating mechanics of an AR-15/M-4/M-16, the following video does a great job of detailing (and showing) the specifics of each function.  This includes going into detail as to the operation of the auto sear and three-round burst cam.  Check out the following video!



Rex Nanorum


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