We have all seen endorsement deals. Deep down each of us wishes that we could get in on the action. Just one problem – most people aren’t competing athletically or professionally on the national level. Companies eager for exposure willingly give their products away to professional athletes and stars alike. If a person becomes influential enough, not only will he/she receive free gear, they will also collect a paycheck for wearing it.

We can’t all be Russel Wilson, so how do we get endorsements. In short, we don’t. Instead, we can go after other means of Pro Deals. These deals offer a significant discount on products. In the past I had been exposed to limited Pro Deals because of my Military service. Recently a friend exposed me to Promotive, and this has forever changed how I will buy products.

Promotive is a facilitating online company. They gather, qualify, and connect high-profile customers with companies willing to offer targeted online discounts or Pro Deals. I know what you are thinking, “I am not a high-profile customer”. Think again. Promotive.com explains that anyone who holds influence over other consumers such as: retail sales professionals, athletes (professional & competitive), guides/instructors, team coaches/managers/referees, product mechanics/technicians, Police/FIRE/EMT/Medical, Military, guards, security, education/instructors, and working media all qualify for that Pro Deal discount.

Here is how it works. Go to promotive.com and follow the join prompt. Inside that page you will need to select which of the above category you fit into (each of the above categories further break down into hundreds of selections). These categories are referred to as teams by Promotive. If you have an email associated with your team selection (ex .mil for military) then you simply enter that email. You will receive a verification link to your email, and then you are in. If you do not have a professional email then you will be required to submit documentation to prove your claim (ex DD214 for Veterans).

Although there are thousands upon thousands of brands, your team selection will limit the brands that are available to you. Worry not, you can expand upon your experience through further submissions and unlock more brands. I signed up under the Police team, I then submitted documentation (DD214) and unlocked the US Army team expanding my selection. You can also participate in online product training and challenge teams based upon your personal knowledge. In either case, if successful, additionally brands will be made available to you.

Did I mention that access and usage of Promotive is free? According to Promotive.com there are 944,825 members currently participating. Is it worth it? I mean, you do have to spend approximately 15-20 minutes setting up the account, and once spent, you cannot get that time back. Recently I purchased three items from promotive: Wetland hunter 425 electronic collar, Go Pro case (for transporting cameras, mounts, poles, etc.), and sunglasses.

Wetland Hunter 425

How to Get Pro Deals
Wetland Hunter 425. Photo courtesy of sportdog.com

This is an electronic collar designed for hunting dogs. It has tone, vibration, and stimulation options (up to 16 levels). It has a 500 yard range, expandable up to three dogs, and is waterproof up to 25 feet.

MSRP:                   $209.95

Amazon:              $189.95

Promotive:         $123.66

GoScope Pro Flex Case

How to Get Pro Deals
GoScope GoPro case. Photo courtesy of go-scope.com

This case is designed to store all your cameras, mounts, polls, and other accessories. It has a rollout design making switching mounts easy. The outer shell is made up of nylon with a water repellant coating.

MSRP:                   $49.95

Amazon:              $49.95

Promotive:         $29.97

Pleasure Grounds Eyewear (Uptown)

How to Get Pro Deals
“Uptown” Sunglasses. Image courtesy of pleasureground.com

Pleasure Ground offers only polarized lenses on their sunglasses. I like the uptown style, but there are tons to choose from.

MSRP:                   $95.00

Amazon:              $84.99

Promotive:         $38.00

In total I saved $163.27 off of MSRP, and $133.26 off of Amazon. Now there are some incurred costs I am not including here (time & shipping). If you are an Amazon Prime member you aren’t even paying for shipping (which is awesome). As for time, you will not receive your gear from Promotive as fast as you would ordered directly from a store. Also, there are limitations to colors, styles, and general availability. However, if you don’t mind being a little patient then you stand to pay significantly less than you would from a brick and mortar store.

I know the gear I listed here looks awesome, and you want to know more about it. Look for comprehensive reviews of each product once I receive and use/beat-up each item.

(Featured image courtesy of chameleonwebservices.co.uk)