A good quality cup of coffee is a must in the mornings. I’ve been a longtime supporter of Black Rifle Coffee Company and am a member of their coffee club. Sometimes though, when traveling it’s a bit of a challenge to get a good cup of coffee in your hotel or rental house. With a bag of your favorite BRCC coffee blend, this pour over device and the filters, you now have a mobile option for great coffee when traveling. Take my money, BRCC!

We’ve experimented with a lot of coffee-making equipment over the last few years. There is some great gear out there. But, if you want something truly done right, you just have to do it yourself sometimes.

So, here it is- the BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device. It’s designed exclusively for our premium Black Rifle Coffee. Use it with our BRCC specific filters for the best brewing experience possible.

The BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device is made of high-grade aluminum. It can be broken down into individual pieces for easy transport and rapid deployment.” – Black Rifle Coffee Company

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