We got a few comments on our “How to set up your Body Armor” video, asking about the helmet I had in the videos and how we go about setting a helmet up. Simple: Don’t weigh it down with extra crap you don’t need. Keep it simple. NVDs: Ensure your mount is tight. There’s nothing worse than having your NODs flopping around.

A safety note, if your helmet does not have the correct hole pattern for your new NOD mount, do NOT just drill new holes. Drilling holes in the Kevlar cuts the strings that run in every direction and weakens the entire helmet. Rather, the correct method is to drive a punch through with a press. This will cut much fewer strands and maintain the integrity of the helmet.

Lights: I’ve tried all the different helmet lights, but have found that I just prefer to use a Petzl headlamp, if extra light is needed. One thing I forgot to mention: You might have noticed the IR American Flags on both sides of the helmet. These are for identifying Friend or Foe (IFF). Think about it; if you turn to look out a window, the snipers will only see your head. The flags help them identify you as a friendly. We tried small squares of IR Glint Tape, but the flags work much better.


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Helmet http://amzn.to/2xsJOPF

Mount http://amzn.to/2wEYsEF

IR Strobe http://amzn.to/2fmZIoR

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