Scorpions are scary. I’m not even going to play about that… But they’re also not really all that dangerous. While a scorpion’s sting can really make you feel like crap, it’s uncommon for one to actually kill you. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been stung by scorpions three times over the years (to varying degree of misery).

The best way not to get stung by a scorpion is to leave it the hell alone — but maybe you’ve watched that scene in “Skyfall” a few too many times and now only drink your whiskey with a scorpion poised to sting you in the face. If that’s the case, I respect your drinking habits, but it may be in your best interest to know how to treat one of those stings.

  1. Give the area of the sting a good washing with soap and water.
  2. Reduce the swelling with a cold compress or ice pack.
  3. If the sting is on one of your extremities, elevate it while you ice it.
  4. Stay calm. Some scorpion stings can cause symptoms that may include increased heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle weakness, or vomiting. These are all serious concerns in a survival situation, but the sting itself is very rarely deadly.
  5. Wait it out. Drink plenty of fluids and allow your body to recover before you go picking fights with any other six-legged monsters.


Feature image courtesy of Sony Pictures/MGM